fredag, oktober 06, 2006

The Decline of Civilization, As Seen From Yet Another Target Photo Lab

We are all responsible.

Having given up on the Saint Paul Target Photo Lab (Midway location), I headed out to Roseville, site of the very first Target store. That old location was torn down a couple years and rebuilt as a Super Target. And super it is. It's gigantic. It's just plain silly.

So. I bring them my APS film. I think, maybe this is all I've needed: a change of photo lab scenery. I'm sure to eventually get my film developed in the right sizes. I'm sure to get my Photo CD.

Indeed, the visit to the photo lab was not entirely unpleasant. But it was not incident-free.

How dumb are we as a people? This dumb:

The bar code on the film envelope wasn't working. So even though there are standard charges on every piece of the photo service, and each of those pieces has its own barcode, all of which are on a single sheet next to the register, this kid couldn't figure out how to charge. Ten minutes passed, during which I coached him. "Next day service plus APS fee plus basic photos plus CD." I verified with him: "There's a CD in there, right?" "Yes, sir, there is, I think," he said.

So he turns and says, "Does $8.56 sound right?"

I asked, "Did you get the APS fee and CD?"

He said, "Ohhhhh. APS. That's what's wrong."

He started over. He turned. He said, "What about $6.53?"

"Yes," I said. "That's fine."

[NOTE: I've since checked the receipt. He got it all right. I've just been getting way over-charged at the Saint Paul Target!!! I too am part of the problem.]

Not not to be out-done, on the drive home, at a stoplight, I opened the envelope: No CD. Dammit.
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