fredag, oktober 06, 2006

Olivia, Olivia, I Cringe for You

Get physical folks!

I'm off to camp at Interstate Park this weekend, though a bit miffed that the air temp might hit 80 on Saturday, as that blows the whole northern love of a fall campout. Still, it'll be cool enough in the morning and evening for a fire, should we want one. (We do.)

This is such a nice time of year. Cool weather, sunshine, hot food, and coffee as a form of emotional currency.

I went out snapping photos the other afternoon, so will try to post some pics next week, so long as the Roseville Target gives me electronic copies. I ordered them, but Target has a nasty habit of not properly filling orders. Still, I'm giving this location a try. We'll see.

So: Olivia, that Aussie. Olivia Newton-John was singing on the Today show this morning. I'd just turned on the tv. Shortly thereafter, I turned it off. It was just too uncomfortable seeing someone struggle like that. Making the matter even more awkward, she was singing, "Only in Dreams."

A comeback? As real as it may see-ee-eem, it was only in your dreams, Olivia.
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