søndag, oktober 01, 2006

The Czechs Were an Albatross Around Their Necks

Because it is Sunday and because I did only half of what I'd intended to do yesterday; and because I can't get anything done this morning with the Twin Cities marathon shutting down roads and businesses I need today. Because I didn't sleep last night.

Because the music is too loud in the coffee shop. Because I haven't enough coffee in me yet to kill the mouse who left a turd on my living room floor while I was out of town. But those murderous coals are being stoked within me, Mouse. Right this moment, and I'm serious this time, though I know you too recall that I vowed to kill you last spring, but you left before I got up the courage. I've got six months courage, almost. It's "gravel time," bub.

So get your ass out of my apartment, or you'll get more than the Scrubbing Bubbles bleach-out foam I sprayed in the hole out of which you had the goddamn scrote to just stare at me yesterday. I'm sure you were thinking, "That dude is just sitting over my toilet!" Maybe you were thinking, "And I really have to go, man!" But that toilet is my living room rug. Did you not see the posted sign, "Please don't shit on my rug - The Management"?

Because of all of this, I can offer you little more this morning than the knowledge that the Slovaks have won the 28th World Hip Hop Dance Championship, currently being held in Bremen, Germany.
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