mandag, marts 12, 2007

The Neocons Have My Hat!!

Guh. In my haste to leave the pub work the other night and see my Muse, I left my Number 1 stocking cap--my Iceland hat--in the pub. One of the many total bastards I know left with it and is ransoming it back to me under the guise of being a revolutionary neocon group.

Ransom Note #1

"We have your socialist headwear. If you value your warm skull you will do as you are told. Await further instructions. Do not attempt to contact us. Our Neocon agenda will not be stopped."

The hat is even crying for help!

Ransom Note #2

I love this Patty Hearst in My Hat image. "He has seen the error of his former commie existence warming your socialist noggin. His now vicious behavior knows no bounds."

But like Mel Gibson in Ransom, I'm about to kick some ass. Give me back my hat!!
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