tirsdag, februar 27, 2007

Bad Boys

What ya gonna do? Apparently I've been blogging only in my head, which is apt because the imagined vs the real me has been the subject of the post that was to have appeared today.

Will finish it tonight; ideally, in your world too, not just in mine.

Saturday Morning Songs

Ah, I used hop up at 5:30 or so, run downstairs in my Stars Wars pajamas, pour some cereal, and watch the end of The Gigglesnort Hotel, The New Zoo Review, and then the Superfriends. I did this for years (I think). I'd watch other cartoons too. And mixed up in it all were the Saturday morning songs.

Songs to have stuck in your head today:

* That "Exercise Your Choppers" song with the 1950s, harmonizing toughs reminding you that eating crunchy, healthy food is good for you. At end, the coolest tough, Chopper himself, is invited to run a few laps with the other toughs. But Chopper says, "Later, man. I'm eatin' a celery stick. This is hard exercise."

* The "Hanker fer a Hunk of Cheese" song ("I'm so hungry I could eat a wagon wheel!")

* Anything from Schoolhouse Rock

* Anything by Menudo (and bonus points for anyone who can remember a song from Menudo without using Wikipedia as a memory prompt)

* And just for good measure, that crazy-fun "Beef - It's What's for Dinner" song (from Aaron Copland's "Rodeo"). This is actually the one in my head today.
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