tirsdag, februar 20, 2007

Photo Tuesday

Because I've no time to write today, I give you PHOTO TUESDAY!!

After five more hours working on the pub, the axe makes my eye even lazier, apparently. (Eeesh! I'm lookin' pretty rough here.)

Flannery and Mike at brunch on Sunday. When Flannery knits in bars, it makes me smile real big. And Mike: I'm liking the new Mountain Mike look.

Mike and Flannery with the Hamms Bear!!! (Is that snapped at the Groveland Tap?) Thanks much for donating this one to the Cause, friends.

A macro of the flowers Lucy brought us during pub interior demolition. That's so sweet!

I had it coming. I did.

With Paddy's Day sitting nigh, and Fat Tuesday upon us, the Mayor of Lake Street has reawakened.

Send your photos, friends!
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