mandag, februar 12, 2007

This Guy Right Here

Damn! I didn't get organized enough to post my intended post last night. Will do tonight. In the meantime, I offer up a self-portrait in crayon.

To judge by the style, this was drawn in spring or fall of '82. My third-grade art style (fall '82 through spring '83) generally involved more controlled, giant sideways-oval heads, but most of those were pencil. The crayon tracing over what I assume was penciled lines is unexpected.

Still, the #38 on the shirt may suggest this is from 1983. I have an occasional disgraphia problem (number inversion). The brain tells me one thing but the hand produces another. The eyes plead ignorance.

If this is from '83 and the number was to reflect that, this might be the oldest record of My Family's Darkest Secret.

(Dramatic music: DUN-Dun-dun)

Once had a dream in which my parents told me they'd long thought I was schizophrenic. It took me months to figure out the conversation hadn't happened. Perhaps the jury is still out.

But the cK still says: Thumbs Up.
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