torsdag, februar 08, 2007

Super Cat

"Super Cat" was written (and illustrated) circa April 1982. Mrs. O'Hagen's second-grade class. She was the one who got me writing stories. She put out two baskets, one for stories going to her, and one for stories she was returning (usually with some sort of "Great job!" or "Super stuff!" comment).

I give you: "Super Cat." And if you'd prefer a slideshow version, you may find it here.

"Super Cat" by Chris Kelsey. (NOTE: It says "Great story" on the cover. Awesome!)

It was Monday and Super Cat was flying over the city. He flew over the river dam. The dam sprung a leak. Then it broke. A big wave rose up from the water. Super Cat tried to stop it from hitting the city.

The wave hit the city. Super Cat dug a big hole in the park. The water flowed in the hole. Super Cat found a big rock and put the rock over the hole.

After he stopped the water, the side of the rock sprung a leak. The water was set free. Super Cat dug a tunnel in the street that was very long and deep.

1 mile away from where he started there was a fire hydrant and the water broke out of it. The water started to flood the city. Super Cat said, I will use my secret weapon, my cold blow!

When he blew, all of the water froze. Super Cat pushed the ice into the lake.

After that Super Cat flew back over the city to look for danger.

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