onsdag, februar 28, 2007

Letter from Afar

Long ago I wrote a letter to the Australian band the Cannanes. I've followed them for years years years and have given them a couple mentions in this blog. (I was under the impression I'd posted my last communication with them, but perhaps I'd dreamed it? Does anyone recall this exchange?)

The letter Stephen O'Neill sent yesterday was really sweet. So I share here the letter I sent them and the letter he sent:


I feel like my shoulders are slumping today. My shoulders are slumping today, without reason. I realized this through the instant gratification (or horror) one achieves with digital cameras. Zounds! But one must persevere, nonetheless.

Please add me to your newsletter list, friends, if you can stomach the thought. I think your work is lovely.

A few years ago I went a whole week during which the only song I'd listen to was "Chosen One." There was no issue in my life from which I was seeking solace. The hammers in my head were not busy constructing a new wing to the bird-chatter fantasy world I normally kick about in. It was a fine morning, actually, a whole series of them. But I put that song on and suddenly was like, "No more songs but this." I was blissed out that week. Hey: Nice one. Thanks for that.

In short, you do fine work. I've listened for years and am really happy you continue to be obsessive about not just playing music but recording it. We appreciate it. May the music and good times continue to multiply.

All best from Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA,


Dear Christopher,

Thanks for getting in touch and my profusest apologies for the length of time it's taken us to get back to you (bit of confusion over who was to check this email account).

Anyways, glad you wrote re- Chosen One, one of my personal favourites and one Fran has steadfastly refused to do live for many many years but I think your email may bring her round!

I'll add you onto our US newsletter list so hopefully you'll only get email if we are heading your way (possibly in May 2008) or have a new release (hopefully soon). If you'd like a copy of our latest EP [ie 3" CD] send your address and I'll try and zip one off to you in a shorter space of time than it's taken to reply to your email! - I
hoping to have some covers printed up in the next 4-6 weeks.

Thanks again for signing up and sorry again for our slackness in replying.

Stephen O'Neil
per The C's


Saint Joseph's Academy is one of my neighbors--seen here just after the weekend's snowfall. More snow is on the way. It'll be hell to park here, but the neighborhood will look lovely.
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