tirsdag, oktober 10, 2006

Elbee on the Move

Best of luck to Elbee who is running in a 5K this weekend in Urbana, Illinois!! Elbee: I and my broken foot envy you.

I would love to support you, if not join you, but I'll be in Wisconsin with the family as we prep the cabins for the winter tenants: mice and squirrels. They need clean pans, pots, mattresses, appliances, drawers, and cushions to crap on and around as they weather a cold six months. And in mid-May, as a hint of spring arrives in these northern latitudes, the cycle of life continues as the family returns, kicks out the tenants (most of whom have departed peacefully before us), and resterilizes everything.

I really wish I could run a 5K. Though I have a broken foot, and I'm using that as an excuse, because one must always be armed with them, and though I set this damn foot's healing back today planting it wrong after slipping while unironically wearing slippers, I'd be lying if I said I'd run a 5K even with healthy feet. I'm not a mentally strong runner, I guess. I think 5Ks, 10Ks, and the like require serious mental toughness to complement the physical strain.

I love running, but I just don't have the concentration for courses or crowds. I'll run hills for an hour, but I can't bring myself to enter a 5K. It bothers me, but I know I'm not strong enough for it.

So, hey: I envy you this and wish you well.

And I hope the portable toilets do not smell nearly as foul as they did pre-race for you here in Minnesota...though I'll bet plenty of central Illinois' runners diet on sausages and domestic brew the night before a run.
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