tirsdag, juli 11, 2006

Lunchtime Thoughts

Carrie and Lucas' wedding on Days of Our Lives makes me sick. SICK!! This is probably the reason I have a scratchy throat and disgusting cough. I probably caught it witnessing one of their wet make out sessions. But WE ALL KNOW that Carrie is in love with Austin! Hey: Dr. Lexi Carver! Just what are you playing at? You have had the goods on Sami, yet you've let Sami's (and your) deception of Carrie and Austin--that whole "You can't have kids together because of a shared genetic mark" bullshit--you've just let that deception continue even though your marriage already fell apart, and that was the real trump card Sami had on you. Lexi! You milktoast. Your tarot-reading mother is so much more interesting.

Is the real Stefano back? Please?

I used to joke about the return of Patch and Kayla. They're back. I'm no longer laughing. So long as they don't start the endless "Lady in Red" song montages, I'll accept their return to Salem.

Finally capping a month of sports overdosing (the Twins' incredible 19 - 2 run, the French Open, Wimbledon, the World Cup), The Italians' victory at the World Cup was crushing to me. And the media "disgrace" comments about Zidane were even more annoying than the "The Great Zidane!" sports calls each time he touched the ball. (There's no guarantee a French striker wouldn't still have missed a penalty kick in the shootout even if Zidane remained in the game, you jackasses. He would have been one penalty kick, not all five. Jesus.) If Materazzi did indeed tell Zidane, a French-Algerian, that he was "the son of a terrorist whore" then Materazzi deserved a hell of a lot more than that headbutt to the chest. He deserves a lifetime ban from international competition, for starters, and a boot in the face...just as the renowned footballer Eric Cantona gave a neo-Nazi spectator--mid-match!--years ago. Ah, that was glorious.
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