tirsdag, juli 11, 2006

Routine Settles In

The Saturday morning Farmers’ Market in Saint Paul’s Lowertown has become one of my absolute favorite stops during the week, and not just because for $1 you can more bok choy than two people can eat in a week even if they eat it once per day.

The teeming crowd, the satisfying order in the rows of produce, the fresh flower stands, the geeky bands that play, the great range of Asian dialects spoken, etc. It’s a treat. I’m not one for fairs and festivals, but I adore open market crowds.

This weekend’s take: two week’s worth of golden new potatoes; two week’s worth of baby bok choy (I want my baby bok baby bok baby bok…), a week of hot peppers, a big ass bag of spinach (dearly welcomed after last week’s total absence of spinach at the market), a glorious knot of white table onions, and fresh garlic.

Have you had fresh garlic? Right from the field? It’s outstanding. It’s more like a table onion bulb and milder in flavor than the hard little bulbs you find in the grocery store. Really excellent.

Also bought a can of white gourd juice, a product of Malaysia. The gourd juice has cane sugar and caramel in it. It’s way too sweet. It tastes like liquefied caramel corn. It reminded me of fruit products I encountered in China. They were all loaded with extra sweetner. (The Koreans are not so fond of ultra sweet things, but the Chinese and Southeast Asians, like Americans, seem to accept if not encourage the addition of sugar and sweeteners to everything.)

Investment tip: Any company aiming to provide diabetic medication to Asia. Just follow the distribution of white gourd juice and you’ll find your gold mine.
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