fredag, juni 23, 2006

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Still travelling, friends (Florida this week), but there's always time to talk about former Party of Five actors. So: Jennifer Love Hewitt.

If only SHE had married tennis player Lleyton Hewitt. Imagine how much fun the tabs would have with the headline: Jennifer LOVES Hewitt. It would be like Joanie Loves Chachi, only with different names.

Mips (the Skyylark) and those who comment at her blog have me thinking about the evil that Jennifer Love Hewitt potentially presents to the world. The Skyylark take is worth a read, especially because in a highly uncharacteristic move she's taking some swings. In her crosshairs: JLH, Target, her CD collection, and a bit more.

Rather than comment on the blog, I respond here. I add:

If it wasn't for Jennifer Love Hewitt, Entertainment Tonight would have very little to talk about. (Just how much cash do the producers of Ghost Whisperer slip them? It must come in something bigger than a shoebox.) And without ET, many of our most popular cosmetic, hygienic, and snackable products would not have such a convenient platform from which to pitch their wares.

These are, actually, the same things you load up on absent-mindedly at Target. With your freshly emptied wallet, you stay home at night. You turn on the television. Ghost Whisperer is on.
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