fredag, maj 26, 2006

Six Pack 2

The basic storyline to Kenny Rogers' 1982 racing film SIX PACK is a down-on-his-luck, somewhat dumpy racer (Rogers) finds success and family when a group of six orphans with above-average mechanical skills becomes his pit crew.

I've thought for a good spell that it was high time for a sequel to this film, one that would follow the now-grown pit crew. Then I saw a photo of Kenny Rogers post-plastic surgery. Jesus Christ, Kenny. You took it too far, dude. What happened to the Gambler? The Gambler would have known what to do. He would have told the Nashville engine to go to hell.

So now I'm thinking that Six Pack needs to be remade...with Toby Keith as the driver.

Agreed: Ford product placement will be inevitable.

People I didn't realize were in the original Six Pack until I visited
1. Anthony Michael Hall
2. Diane Lane
3. Erin Gray

Web site that weirds me out:
Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

What We Ought to be Entitled to:
One Toll House chocolate chip cookie for every toll-free telemarketing call that interupts my day. I'll be diabetic in a week.
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