tirsdag, marts 13, 2007

Photo Tuesday #2

My Euro 'hood finds itself unexpectedly on the cusp of spring and feeling sleep-deprived by the extended daylight due to an earlier onset of daylight-savings time.

It's another Photo Tuesday! Why? Because I've only time today to speak in 1000-word bursts. Some things that have happened:

My sister had a birthday!

I ate the gang dheng--AGAIN. I think I order that 99% of the time I visit Pad Thai. It's been this way for six years here. But that red curry is unbeatable!

The Baroness made some kickass pizza: a base of egg and sour cream, caramelized red onion, prosciutto, grilled pear, and goat cheese on a flaky, unleavened crust.

Even Kitty liked the pizza.

From now on, no one will make the World's Best Bartender do it without the fez on (just as Steely Dan pleaded).

And life's alright, you know? Messy hair and all.
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