torsdag, maj 04, 2006


Dear Days,

Are you aware that Passions is kicking your ass? What do you bring to the table? New lives and romances for characters who have been on the show for 20 years. Snivelling teens. Court proceedings that decend upon characters with the swiftness of China's judge-is-jury legal system. And at the end of every episode, you reveal ALL of the plot twists coming up but none of them are interesting! For example, one week Jennifer loves Frankie, the next she doesn't. Repeat. Oooo. Tense. And you now are promoting that Jack is still alive!? Duh. You've already killed him twice before, why wouldn't I think he'd survived it thrice?

But Passions: Whoa. Virtual reality. A Davinci Code-ish breaking into the Pope's secret chapel to steal a chalice. The Omega Monk mystery. Multiple witches. A friggin' MERMAID character!!!

You're getting served, Days.
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