mandag, maj 08, 2006

Some Things I Know

I've nearly forgotten to drink my coffee, per usual, here at the Nina's. The cream has formed something of a cracked surface at the top, very much like a map of an island chain.

Reminds me: At 10,000 feet over Florida, I saw swampland of blue and green tones that seemed to have congealed over the surface of standing water. The whole thing looked like it must be too delicate to support the weight of one person, yet there it was, land. It had the shades of water and earth on a schoolhouse globe.


1. I've developed a sudden fascination with Camper's wabi shoes. The Web page says WOMAN | UNISEX, but I think that's just a polite way of saying "These are women's shoes, dude, but we'll let you buy 'em if you want."

2. To judge by the headlines at this Montana-based environmental site, Montana is very much about methane. I dub thee, Montana: The Farting State. I wonder what that quarter will look like. Raised image of classic Americana children snickering and holding a lit match behind a farmer's butt?

3. At the track on Derby Day, I saw a man at the touchscreen betting machine wearing a glove. I said, "I like the glove for betting. Mysterious." As he walked away, he half-smiled and said, resignedly, "It's for my heart." (How was I to know!?) He and his heart are smart, though, as not long after I discovered that hand-washing in the restroom is a luxury that only about 10 percent of us dudes at the track partake in. Gross. DUDES! C'MON!!

4. How does one establish a dead pool with soap operas since no one ever seems to actually die on them?

5. The Omega Monk rules.
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