fredag, september 08, 2006

Turning Japanese

How can one avoid referencing that song? let alone without feeling vaguely racist for knowing it yet not knowing why it might be racist? I don't think it is, really; I just think it's stupid. I think it's stupid on the level of Hulk Hogan's "Real American" song.

Quite possibly what I'm saying: No more pop tunes about national identities.

So I'm working daily on Japanese ahead of next week's trip. I nearly left a brick in my shorts yesterday when I realized that I leave in five days. GAH!!

I hate finding myself unable to pronounce things in a tone that doesn't ape the speakers on my language CDs. With the Japanese, the woman's tone is sort of like a chipper fairy godmother. The man's tone is this raspy/husky, emotionless patter that barely escapes a sigh and seems to end properly with a weary head dropping slightly.

The woman says, "Tomodachi ga ishiki o ushinatteimasu." (My friend is losing consciousness.)

The man says, "Fakkusu o okuritai n desuga." (I need a fax sent.)

Sukoshi wakarimasu. (I understand a little.)
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