torsdag, september 07, 2006

My Space Trebuchet

People Who Deserve to Be Launched into Space Via a Massive Trebuchet: Anyone under 30 years of age who has dreadlocks.

I accept and even admire one who ages into dreads via philosophical reflection and a bit of life experience, or one who attains this ‘do simply through years of almost-admirable and extraordinary resistance to bathing and convention.

But if you are, say, white and 22 and in love with hemp adornments and have a totally affected stoner laugh that you’ve learned through movies, get ready for life in a vacuum, pal. You’ve just earned a free ride on the Space Trebuchet.

Now, let me share one thing I find super cute, knowing fully I might be placed on a trebuchet for people who write or say "super cute": Architecture in Helsinki’s video for “Like a Call.”

Architecture in Helsinki - Like a Call

Ah!!!! My heart! That cartoon is awesome. I love the pooch!
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